Don’t Let The Random People Do experiment on your device!

Most of us experience these problem; we give our car to a random mechanic, May be electronic appliances to the random shops for repair etc; we regret it after we get our belongings back. We either loose its internal parts; there is a possibility that there are hardware damages which can happen etc.

The shop keepers just give lame excuses if there are really kind-hearted.

Most of them will simply deny that something went wrong from them or even from their subordinates.

Some might freak you out when you go back to them with a complain; they will deny they ever gave any service to your laptop.

The freakiest of all is the idea is someone unknown using your device and might even takes login details and your data too. That’s when you give your device for any of the issues to be resolved. Weather its software installation, windows installations, disc partitioning etc. Do not give your PC or Laptop to anyone who might end up using your device or may be copying your data for just fun or joke.

It is commonly observed that after your service your device (laptop or PCs) someone informs you that some of our pictures are on Internet.  Someone might be using it for fake profile OR USING IT FOR SOME PRANKS.

So beware of the individuals who might experiment on your device and cause serious damage. The main idea is that the experts who are certified will surely give you the service which was promised and which is required. Sometimes you might think that it’s the software which needs to be reinstalled, but the expert can surely check your device and then show if it needs an hour or more. It needs only one service or might need more.  The experts will make sure you know complete details of what needs to be done and what are the best practices.  You own your device so you need to know everything. Opt for Personal Device maintenance Plan and have peace of mind. 


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