Increase your performance! Increase your pay!


We all want ore and we dream for more. But saying or talk about more is not all what will give you more. Actually the actions will define not just the thinking process whether we will achieve it or not. So let’s see the echo system which actually works. The echo system for growth in today’s era is about following components:

  • Knowledge
  • Learning
  • Money
  • Health
  • Achievements
  • Social status
  • Respect
  • Power

But one of the most effective system; will be which gives you result which are everlasting and the echo system should be able to sustain its self. So if you keep on running after money that might not just work out well. But if you keep working on your performance; the rest of the things will come automatically. Learning, knowledge and practical is what you need to work on and let all other things run after you. It means you increase your performance; obviously more productivity, more growth, more demand, more supply so more money, respect, power, achievements and social status is going to come.

Let’s look at an example; Mr. A is able to write and work more actively as a content writer and content proof reading. Then Mr. Ali can easily avail the opportunity to work for multiple forums a produce more content. In this whole process, he can surely work from home as well as he can work on a full time job. He can only work actively and efficiently if his device is working fine and its performance is good too. So if his device is performing good as well as he is able to deliver the work on time then he can surely make more money. He can surely increase his pay (income). So key to success is keep a strong check on the performance of yourself as well as device and the pay will automatically increase. It has a direct relation. Now it’s your choice are you keeping a check on performance or just living and working with ordinary devices. Then the performance will obviously be ordinary. Salary will be ordinary too. Think again before making choices about what you want!



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